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The Intertribal Timber Council's "Publication and Resources" section of our website contains publications that link with other sections of our webpabes such as projects and issues. This section also contains resources such as links to other organizations, surveys, newsletters and the national Indian Directory. This section includes:

  • The publication and reports will be organized to correspond with the issues and project section.

  • The ITC will publish training resources and downloads.

  • Information for Journalists

    This is the source for the latest information on the ITC and any news that may involve Indian natural resource management.

  • This contains a list of the ITC newsletter and the BIA's Fire Management Smoke Signal Magazine

  • The ITC occasionally conducts surveys and will list survey request and results

  • The links are organized into three categories which are economic development, natural resource and national/regional tribal organizations.

  • This provides basic information about Indian forestry.

  • The Indian Forestry & Natural Resources National Directory is updated frequently and contains contact information from federal, tribal and Indian natural resource management programs throughout the country.

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